About Strukton

Strukton has operations in the rail systems, civil infrastructure and technique and buildings markets. Internationally, Strukton focuses on transport systems in densely populated areas, creating access to mining and port areas, and the transportation of energy.

Strukton offers clients integrated solutions in which the application of technological innovations and collaboration with the client are what makes the difference. Priority is given to the quality of the infrastructure, train systems and building installations. The goal is to enable end users to stay and travel in comfort and safety.

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Blog: ‘It’s a real precision job.’

Bart on Caisson_klein

For a couple of months now, our team has been working day and night on the collection and processing of measurement data.

We know precisely which information the immersion commander needs at which point in the operation.

Bart-Jan Ruesink, Survey Supervisor


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Strukton: Quality


Strukton's world

De wereld van Strukton_wit

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Project: VWS/RIVM and MEB


DBFMO contract for the accommodation and operation of the RIVM and MEB at the Utrecht Science Park.

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