When designing a structure we take its operational life into account, from the start of construction to its ultimate demolition.

Thinking in terms of operational life

Strukton thinks about projects, people and nature on the basis of operational life, submitting competing and innovative solutions to the problems faced by our clients, both those requested and on our own initiative.

Sustainable action

Many of our projects make a direct contribution to sustainability and consequently generate social benefits. There is thus less environmental impact as a result of:

In our kind of work we utilise raw materials, generate waste and CO2 emissions and demand a lot from our staff. We do this consciously: we are constantly working to improve safety, for a cleaner environment and to blend into the surroundings. Using intelligent design we make use of fewer raw materials and less energy, both in the construction of a project and once the project is in use or is being demolished. Ultimately this ensures less waste and fewer CO2 emissions. In addition we prefer to use recyclable raw materials, provided that the quality is not inferior to non-recycled raw materials.