Conflict of interest and transactions between related parties

The Oranjewoud NV Supervisory Board is responsible for solving any conflicts of interest between the company on the one hand and the Executive Board of Oranjewoud NV, the Supervisory Board, the Strukton Groep Management Board or the external auditor on the other hand. All decisions to enter into transactions entailing potential conflicts of interest for the Chairman of the Board or any member of the Supervisory Board that are of material significance to the company and/or the Chairman of the Board require the approval of the Supervisory Board.

The Chairman of the Board is required to notify the shareholder and the chairman of the Supervisory Board immediately (plus the other members of the Group Management Board, if a member of that board is involved) of any actual or potential conflict of interest of significance to the company and/or himself and must provide all relevant information.

At present, there have been only limited transactions with the shareholder; these are conducted in line with market practice.