The Chairman of the Board has the final responsibility for the entire company. He is responsible for running the company. The Chairman of the Board develops and defines the company’s philosophy as well as the mission, strategy and objectives based on that philosophy. The business unit management boards are responsible for formulating and executing their operating company’s strategy. Responsibility for the management and day-to-day decisions of the business units also lies with the business unit management boards as defined in the articles of association.

The chairmen of the business unit management boards of Strukton Rail, Strukton Civiel and Strukton Integrale Projecten plus the Chairman of the Board of Strukton Groep together constitute the Group Management Committee. The Group Management Committee has the task of preparing policy and advising the Chairman of the Board.

The Chairman of the Board is responsible for transparent management of the company. To this end, Group Management regulations have been drawn up and approved by the shareholder. The Chairman of the Board performs his tasks in the company’s interests. The Chairman of the Board provides the shareholder and its Supervisory Board at regular intervals with the information and resources they need to exercise their duties properly. Once a year, the Chairman of the Board reports to the General Meeting of Shareholders on the results for the past financial year.

Appointment and remuneration of the Chairman of the Board

The shareholder appoints the members of the Strukton Management Board. The company’s Management Board currently consists of Mr G.P. Sanderink. He was appointed Chairman on 29 October 2010. He is also Managing Director of Oranjewoud nv. The shareholder determines the remuneration for board members, based on recommendations by the Supervisory Board.