The chairman of the board has the final responsibility for the entire venture.

Supervisory Board

Strukton Groep NV does not have its own Supervisory Board.

Conflict of interest and transactions between related parties

The Oranjewoud NV Supervisory Board is responsible for solving any conflicts of interest between the company on the one hand and the Executive Board of Oranjewoud NV, the Supervisory Board, the Strukton Groep Management Board or the external auditor on the other hand.


The external auditor is appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders. Since the takeover by Oranjewoud NV in 2010, Ernst & Young has been appointed as the external auditor.

Relations with external stakeholders

In view of the company’s importance and position, Strukton regularly discloses results and significant events through press releases and publications on this website.


Strukton has various regulations that provide a framework for the way different bodies function and a specification of the rules that apply within Strukton.