24Safe - Focusing on safety together

Our work comes with safety and health risks for ourselves and our environment. Part of our work could even be life threatening. Therefore, safety and health are number one priorities within Strukton. Safety and health are more important than anything else. Everyone safe and sound, at home and away… 24/7…24Safe!

Our ambition

Nobody gets hurt; everyone remains healthy.

Our mission

Focusing on safety together!

Our vision

  • We believe that everybody should be able to return home safely and healthily after work
  • Nothing we do is worth it to get hurt
  • Safe and healthy work is an integral element of the craftsmanship of our people and the people we work with. Safety is in the genes of our organization
  • For us, safety is an essential condition for success
24Safe mini

Our values and standards

  • Safety is a permanent value and not a temporary priority
  • Safety start within ourselves, this includes our management. It’s about ‘us’. We take our responsibility and discuss (un)safety with each other. We are open to feedback and deal with it in a professional and respectful way. Every employee may stop work if safety or health is compromised
  • Everyone will receive instructions and is responsible for protecting our own safety and the safety of coworkers and alerting each other to risky situations
  • We are always aware of the consequences of changes. We respond and anticipate
  • We make sure that we are learning from our safety experiences. We share information to control risks and prevent incidents from happening again
  • We have a positive attitude towards health and safety, it is constructive and in terms of the good. But we are strict and have a ‘’zero-tolerance policy’’ towards violating the safety precautions and rules
  • “Our golden rules always apply… 24/7, 24Safe!”