Strukton regards collaboration as a source of renewal and creativity, and as a way of creating added value. Strukton's operating companies work together to this end, but Strukton also collaborates with universities and customers with the aim of achieving improved results. The added value arising from this also generates cost savings that can run to between 10 and 15%.

New contract models
Strukton is using new contract models to extract the best possible cooperation with customers. The following are examples of these contract models:

  • D&C (design & construct)
    Contracts in terms of which Strukton draws up a design and subsequently builds it as well on the basis of a schedule of requirements.

  • DBFMO (design, build, finance, maintain and operate)
    Integrated contracts in which design, construction, management, maintenance and finance are contracted out to Strukton for a lengthy period (for example 20, 25 or 30 years).

  • PPP (public-private partnership)
    Integrated contracts in terms of which the state farms out DBFMO contracts to Strukton.

  • Alliance
    Contracts in which customer and contractor cooperate in the best way possible by sharing a project's risks.