An Energy Service Company (ESCo) takes on maintaining and managing buildings and ensures for example that care facilities, swimming pools and offices are modernised, save energy and are made more congenial. An ESCo combines renovation of building systems with long-term maintenance, management and improvement in energy efficiency, and also arranges the relevant financing.

How does it work?

What is special about an ESCo is that the client bears no financial risk. The ESCo provides guarantees in a performance contract for one or more buildings for:

  • costs and quality of renovation
  • energy savings
  • costs for maintenance and management
  • improvement in facilities

The ESCo invests in energy-saving measures to achieve this, subsequently earning the cost of the investment through the yield produced by these measures - a good reason to invest in sustainable accommodation of top quality and at minimal cost.

What does an ESCo deliver?

The main positive aspects of an ESCo are:

  • guaranteed lower energy costs
  • lower CO2 emissions
  • optimal maintenance & management at minimal cost
  • greater comfort & quality (more modern, healthier, lower energy use and more flexible)
  • increase in the building's market value
  • no impact on budget: investments are recouped from lower energy bills and service and maintenance costs

Sustainable swimming pools

The City of Rotterdam has outsourced maintenance, management and reducing energy consumption for nine swimming pools to the ESCo Strukton. This makes guaranteed total savings of 4.5 million Euros:

  • 34% cut in energy costs: € 3.4 million
  • 15% lower maintenance costs: € 1.1 million