Smart Maintenance Services

Strukton Rail has developed a new maintenance concept based on the company’s own practical experience in this field. The main focus is identifying potential issues before they present themselves, allowing Strukton Rail to stay one step ahead of possible malfunctions. An added bonus is that engineers are required to make fewer location calls, allowing the company to reduce its carbon emissions. Strukton Rail coordinates this approach with the client’s maintenance strategy.


That this approach to operational asset management is effective has been proven, by the handling of ProRail’s system jump switches, among other projects. Strukton Rail developed a special maintenance strategy for 498 switches that was aimed to cut the number of switch malfunctions in half.  Ultimately, Strukton Rail reduced technical malfunctions with these switches by 61 percent. Railway maintenance in the Netherlands is increasingly organised on the basis of performance contracts.

Performance-oriented maintenance

Performance-oriented maintenance requires the railway network to perform at an optimum level, so that maintenance costs can be minimised and parties always have clear insight into the current state of the track. Strukton Rail achieves this via its operational asset management programme.


Operational asset management comprises a number of stages:

  1. Determining which requirements there are and selecting the most appropriate approach
  2. Implementation of systems and tools that allow for measurement and monitoring of the assets
  3. Visualisation in a general operational overview
  4. A targeted analysis
  5. Defining the most suitable maintenance plan

This maintenance plan combines maintenance work on tracks and signalling for example, so that a railway section only has to be closed for maintenance once.

“In the past, you would send one of your mechanics to check on a switch several times a year. Today, the contract simply requires a switch to achieve a specific performance level. We use mathematic models to determine the optimum maintenance frequency and measure whether the track actually performs as expected.”

Marc de Wolf, Strategic Maintenance Engineering group leader at Strukton Rail


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