Energy systems

Strukton Systems, a Strukton Rail business unit, specialises in the generation, transport and distribution of electrical energy. Strukton Systems uses its expertise in these areas when working on the design and realisation of power plants and substations, both on the mainland and offshore.


Examples include the offshore wind farms of Riffgat and DanTysk. These wind farms are sited in the North Sea, where they can count on a regular supply of wind and where they don’t disrupt views from the coast. Strukton Systems handled the engineering, manufacturing and installation of the high voltage transformer platforms for both wind farms. The platforms were constructed in Krimpen aan den IJssel and subsequently transported to their destinations with a special floating crane. They are supported by an underwater steel base and are connected to the various wind turbines via cables running along the seabed. Riffgat has supplied electricity to some 100,000 German households since being taken into operation in 2013. DanTysk will start providing around 400,000 German households with energy over the course of 2015.

From 33,000 to 155,000 volts

The DanTysk transformer platform is located some 70 kilometres off the coast. Electricity at the wind farm is generated by a total of 80 turbines spread across 70 square kilometres. The wind turbines are linked to the transformer platform at medium voltage level (33,000 volts) via a cable network with a total length of 110 kilometres. Two large transformers installed on the platform convert this medium voltage into high voltage (155,000 volts), after which the electricity is transported to the mainland via cables. The platform is unmanned, with monitoring and control being handled onshore in the Danish town of Esbjerg.

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