Rolling stock

Strukton provides technological solutions for rolling stock. Strukton Rolling Stock has a unique position in the world market for delivering traction converters, auxiliary converters and train control management systems (TCMS).

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Strukton uses its modern power modules for custom-made systems in the renovation market for trams, trains and locomotives. It is our mission to make existing and new rail vehicles more sustainable and cost effective. Both operators and manufactures rely on Strukton for custom-made solutions where the Strukton power modules can be adapted in almost all sizes to retain the original dimension of the box.

Refurbishment and construction of rolling stock

Rolling stock is designed and built to give decades of service. Some components in rail vehicles however become obsolete already after 10 or 15 years due to e.g. quick developments in electronic systems. And the facilities often no longer fulfil the requirements of the modern traveller. Strukton Rolling Stock has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of electrical systems for newly built new rolling stock, from engineering up to installation.

Monitoring of rolling stock

Ongoing privatization in the rail transport sector leads to increased pressure on financial results of rail transport companies. A Fleet Management System becomes a vital tool to monitor the fleet’s performance on a day to day basis. Information provided can be used to optimize maintenance processes, reduce turnaround times and increase availability.

Train safety

Safety for the passenger comes first. We implement a range of safety systems, both in the train and on the track. We are one of few companies in the market who have experience with the installation of the European safety standard system ERTMS/ETCS.

“Passengers need to feel just as safe in fully-automated light rail vehicles as in conventional systems with a driver. Safety standards for the design and production of rolling stock increasingly resemble the requirements that are set for the design of aircraft and spacecraft.”

Wim Platschorre, Strukton Rolling Stock

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At Strukton Rolling stock we develop the traction drive system for an entirely new metro vehicle.

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