Strukton’s strong point is innovation based on knowledge and technology. Strukton combines an integrated approach with the use of innovative technology.

Clients need to realise that they can rely on Strukton, that they will get value for money and that they can expect cutting-edge solutions. Strukton focuses on mobility, public transport hubs and uninterrupted operation.

Core strategic themes

  • Our employees’ mindset, as this is what determines Strukton’s distinctive identity.
  • Extending coverage of the construction chain in the length and breadth.
  • Developing market niches further.

Contract forms 

Strukton utilises a variety of contract forms to take optimum advantage of opportunities to collaborate with the client. Examples include: 

  • D&C (Design & Construct)
    In this contract form, Strukton develops a design on the basis of a programme of requirements and is responsible for the subsequent construction.
  • DBFMO (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain & Operate)
    In these integrated contracts, the design, construction, management, maintenance and financing of the project is contracted out to Strukton for a longer period (e.g. 20, 25 or 30 years).
  • PPP (Public-Private Partnership)
    Integrated contracts in which the government outsources the DBFMO to Strukton.
  • Alliance
    A contract form in which the client and contractor achieve optimum collaboration by jointly bearing the project risks.