Sustainable purchasing

Strukton supports sustainable purchasing and has a policy for socially responsible purchasing (SRP). Our goal is to always take the environment and social aspects into account when purchasing goods and services.

We make conscious choices relating to:

  • Designing the creation, implementation and operation process in a safe, environmentally aware and sustainable manner. Strukton does this together with its clients and suppliers
  • Selecting suppliers in a transparent way
  • Deciding whether or not to create partnerships between Strukton, clients and suppliers.

Supply chain responsibility

Strukton also expects a demonstrable, operational CSR policy from its suppliers. We prefer to do business with suppliers who feel responsible for our CSR objectives. In this way, we can jointly accept the supply chain’s responsibility for sustainability.

CRS Code of Conduct for suppliers

The CRS Code of Conduct for suppliers is a part of our General Conditions of Purchase. We expect our suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct. This includes for example following up on the collective labour agreement, human rights and safety agreements. But also the use of sustainable wood, disposal of waste, saving energy and doing business in an honourable manner.