Strukton’s starting point is the functionality and lifespan of civil engineering structures and buildings. Strukton stands for honest, sincere and ethical business practices, wherever in the world.

Strukton makes use of its integrated know-how and experience in the field of technology and civil engineering. Strukton does this in specialist market segments such as data centres, industry, health care and all the facilities around mobility hubs and transport.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of Strukton’s business strategy and management. ‘Thinking in terms of operational life’ is the core of Strukton’s CSR policy,
with people, planet and profit as the pillars of that policy.

Strukton is committed to sustainability, both in terms of limiting its own emissions and waste, and sustainability on the customer side, for example in the form of extending the operational life of products and energy-saving services. This is the Planet pillar of the policy. It is closely related to the Profit pillar. Strukton continuously works on new business models and financing structures in order to assure the profitability of sustainable innovations. The third pillar, People, is about sustainable employability of people, both young and old. Employees are encouraged to develop their skills, competencies and tradesmanship. Safety is part of this third pillar, which is implemented based on Strukton’s 24Safe policy. Strukton also explicitly undertakes to be a full part of society, investing in training students and offering work to people with restricted access to the job market.