Annual report 2017

Strukton achieved a net result amounting to EUR 25.1 million in 2017, which is significantly higher than in 2016. Even though growth of the operating income itself is not Strukton’s target, the 2017 operating income increased to EUR 1.916 billion.

In a nutshell

  • Operating result further improved to EUR 76.0 million (2016: EUR 66.7 million)
  • Good performance of rail systems segment
  • Refinancing completed
  • Lowering risk profile bears fruit
  • 2017 net result increased to EUR 25.1 million (2016: EUR 13.3 million)
  • Solvency rate increased to 24.3% (2016: 18.8%)
  • Operating income stabilised at EUR 1.9 billion


Strukton realised this good result owing to intensive cooperation and improvement projects. The focus in the order portfolio is shifting from projects to management and maintenance, which is in line with Strukton’s strategy.


Strukton concentrates on activities that match its strengths. Maintenance and management using high-end technology, domain knowledge and professionalism are the foundation of the company. This provides stability and enables Strukton to discern itself from its competitors, based on applied use of data in management and maintenance. Additionally, Strukton focuses on projects where the technology component is key, and projects in which the company can apply its specialist fields, proven knowledge and expertise.

The company aims to respond to worldwide developments, including urbanisation and the associated growing need for metro and light rail. Additionally, Strukton sees opportunities in rail cargo. The focus in this type of project has shifted in the past few years, with management and maintenance as the key component, followed by specialist fields and projects.

Further information

Take a look at the key figures or download Strukton’s full annual report 2017 (pdf, 23267 kB) .

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