Annual report 2016

In 2016, Strukton had some 6,500 employees and an annual revenue of EUR 1,9 billion.

The figures in a nutshell:

  • Operating result amounting to € 66.7 million (2015: € 70.7 million)
  • Net result to € 13.3 million (2015: € 16.8 million)
  • Company risk profile further decreased
  • Reinforcement of the capital base by 15 million euros
  • Solvency rate increased to 18.8% (2015: 14.2%)
  • Sales stabilised at EUR 1.9 billion (2015: EUR 1.9 billion)

Result and sales

In 2016, Strukton realised a 13.3 million euro positive net result. The results have achieved a stable level, although the result is strongly depressed due to a number of projects. Strukton was able to compensate the pressure of these projects that were disappointing in financial terms with other, highly profitable projects and contracts. This shows the organisation’s stability.

The sales total stabilised at eur 1.9 billion. The operating income showed an increasing trend in the past years. The stabilisation is in line with Strukton’s strategy to choose smaller, lower-risk projects.

The funding was renewed until 30 June 2018 as per 26 April 2017. In combination with a
eur 15 million capital deposit of the Shareholder, this ensures stability in the future.

Maintenance and management, high-end technology 

Strukton concentrates on activities that match its strengths. Maintenance and management based on high-end technology, domain expertise and professionalism are the foundation of the company. This provides stability and moreover offers Strukton the opportunity to discern itself based on specific use of data in maintenance and management. Strukton also focuses on projects with a strong technology component and projects that require its specialist fields.

Strukton is active at a regional, national and international level. The teams of Strukton Civiel
and Strukton Worksphere serve customers at both national and regional level. Strukton Rail and Strukton International are increasingly active outside the Netherlands.

Download Strukton’s full annual report for 2016 (pdf, 2421 kB) .

Annual review 2016

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