Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct Honest Business Practice applies to everyone working for or with Strukton. As an internationally operating and social responsible company, we adhere to transparency and honest business practices. Being compliant with local laws is important, but not sufficient. This Code of Conduct helps us to better determine what is honest and justified in our work, in addition to existing local laws.

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In all our operating companies, globally, we adhere to honest business practices. In addition to the Code of Conduct you find below additional policy and reference documents.

Code of Conduct Honest Business Practice (pdf, 223 kB) 
Code of Conduct Honest Business Practice Summary (pdf, 83 kB) 
Gifts and Entertainment Policy (pdf, 121 kB) 
Anti-Corruption Policy (pdf, 116 kB) 
Strukton Speak Up Procedure (pdf, 141 kB) 
CSR Policy Statement (pdf, 154 kB) 
CSR Principles of Conduct for Suppliers (pdf, 45 kB) 

Speak Up 

Strukton sets high standards for integrity and transparency. The way to maintain those standards is to remind each other when we signal any inconsistencies. That is how we help each other, and how we help Strukton.

We encourage everyone with concerns about possible violations of the Code of Conduct to share those concerns with us. It is the only way we can continue meeting our own high standards.

This Speak Up Procedure enables Strukton employees to (anonymously) report (possible) violations within the organisation. External parties can use the general email address to make a report. 

For more information: 
Would you like to receive more information about the Strukton intergrity programme Strukton All Right, please go to the Compliance Officer of the involved subsidiary.

Compliance Officer Groep
David Sanders – Strukton Groep

Compliance Officers
Paul Peekel – Strukton Integrale Projecten 

Hans Schuitema – Strukton Worksphere 

Eric Weerepas – Strukton Rail 

Loek Wessels – Strukton Civiel