Conflict of interest and transactions between related parties

The Supervisory Board of Strukton Groep NV is responsible for resolving any conflicts of interest between the company on the one hand and the Executive Board of Oranjewoud NV, the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors of Strukton Group and the external auditor on the other.

All decisions pertaining to entering into transactions which may involve a possible conflict of interest with the chairman of the Group Executive Board or a member of the Supervisory Board of Strukton Groep NV, that has significant importance to the company and/or the chairman of the Group Executive Board, is subject to the approval of Strukton Groep NV’s Supervisory Board.

The Chairmanof the Group Executive Board should report anyactual or potential conflict of interest significantto the company and/or himself immediately to theshareholder and the Chairman of the SupervisoryBoard of Strukton Groep NV (and to the othermembers of the Executive Board if it concerns amember of the Executive Board), and must provideall relevant information. Transactions with theshareholder are limited and are conducted in linewith market practice.