Supervisory Board

Strukton Groep NV appointed a Supervisory Board at Strukton Groep NV level on 20 December 2017. The members of the Supervisory Board are H.G.B. Spenkelink (Chairman), J.P.F. van Zeeland and H.P.J.M. Jans.

The Supervisory Board serves to supervise the Group Board of Directors’ policy and the company’s and Group companies’ general operations, and to provide advice to the Group Board of Directors. The Supervisory Board also focuses on the effectiveness of the company’s internal risk management and control systems and the integrity and quality of financial reporting.


Strukton aims for a balanced employee base in different positions in terms of age, gender and background, training, education and professional experience. Dutch law includes a provision on the balanced allocation of seats on executive and supervisory boards, stipulating that the seats of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board at large companies are occupied by women for at least thirty percent, and by men for at least thirty percent, insofar as such seats are divided among natural persons. With the establishment of the Supervisory Board of Strukton Groep NV three members of the Supervisory Board were appointed, one of whom is a woman. This reaches the statutory target percentage of 30%.