Management Board

Gerard Sanderink

Chairman of the Group Management Board

Gerard Sanderink

Year of birth: 1948
Nationality: Dutch

For a major part of his career, Gerard Sanderink worked in the IT software sector. In 1978, Sanderink was one of the founders of ICT Automatisering, where he served as CEO. After selling his interest in the firm, Gerard Sanderink started Centric, which has since grown to become one of the Netherlands’ leading suppliers of information technology. Centric is also active in Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. In late 2005, Gerard Sanderink acquired the engineering and consulting firm Antea Group. By the end of 2006, this company was incorporated in the Oranjewoud N.V. investment fund. Driven by a strong interest in technology, a spirit of enterprise and a global business perspective, Sanderink went on to acquire engineering firms in the US, France and Colombia. In late 2010, Oranjewoud N.V. acquired Strukton Groep. Gerard Sanderink has served as the Chairman of the group’s Management Board as of that date.


Annual report 2016