Risk management and internal control - Strukton

Risk management and internal control

Just like other companies, Strukton is confronted with various commercial, operational and financial risks. Such risks are inherent to the business activities. The company aims to limit these with a systematic approach, both at a strategic and at an operational level.

Risks within the company

Strukton identifies and monitors risks within the company in a structural way. In order to identify
and eliminate any duplications, inconsistencies and gaps in existing activities relating to risk
management and internal control, Strukton uses the coso framework (Committee of Sponsoring
Organizations of the Treadway Commission). In 2015, the various risks were reviewed and
weighted again.


Based on systems mentioned on this website, the frameworks applied and the relevant reporting structure, the risk control and auditing system has an adequate structure in our opinion, and has performed adequately in the past financial year. In the Executive Board members’ opinion, the financial accounts do not contain any material misstatements or errors. No indications exist that the risk control and auditing system performance will be in any way inadequate in 2016.