Available credit facilities

As per the reporting date, Strukton has sufficient credit facilities available. The company’s financing requirement is forecast on a frequent basis, and the application of this facility is continually monitored. The financing documentation sets out various covenants that are mainly related to the company’s cash-generating capability. These covenants are assessed on a frequent basis as well. Strukton’s investment and depositing commitments pursuant to current investment programmes, projects and PPP shares are included in this financing requirement. Realisation of the liquidity forecast is strongly dependent on the development of external market conditions, order intake, development of project results and the development of the networking capital.

Due to the project-based character of the company, one-off negative project results may affect both the financing requirement and the covenants. This risk is limited by strongly steering on process control and by increasing the share of non-project based activities. Additionally, Strukton aims to further reduce the company’s net debt in the near future, repaying the loans.