Strukton’s work comes with the necessary safety risks, both to the employees, the chain partners and the environment. Health and safety at work is an integral part of Strukton employees’ skills, and this extends to the people Strukton works with. Safety is in the organisation’s genes, and is a key success factor. This is why Strukton applies the 24Safe safety policy. Its mission is: Focusing on safety together.

24Safe safety policy

The 24Safe safety policy is applied company-wide. 24Safe campaigns are frequently launched, informing and alerting both employees and chain partners. In addition to safety, wellbeing also includes training, social return and health. Strukton’s policy encompasses all these aspects.


Prevention is accorded the highest priority within Strukton. The safety policy also focuses on human behaviour as a risk factor (awareness). Naturally, all employees have access to the QHSE systems. These systems are frequently audited by external accredited and certifying bodies.

A number of examples regarding control measures relating to safety:

  • Suppliers and sub-contractors are actively involved in safety awareness campaigns
  • Strukton actively encourages reporting, which can be used for continuous improvement
  • In the event of contingencies, preventive measuresare in place
  • Strukton actively encourages working with an LMRA (Last Minute Risk Analysis)