Delft railway tunnel: the first test train

03 November 2014

On Saturday 1 November ProRail sent the first test train through the more than two-kilometre long train tunnel and underground station that hundreds of railway workers have spent years constructing.


Quiet tunnel

A quiet tunnel with space for four tracks will soon replace the old, noisy two-track railway viaduct, such a well-known Delft landmark. Four tracks allow the rail traffic to flow more smoothly, which is also advantageous for the rest of the Netherlands. The platforms are located eight metres below ground. The underground station with its startling ceiling can handle tens of thousands of passengers a day.

Structurally complete

The new railway tunnel and station are structurally more or less complete and the test phase is now in full swing. In this phase, ProRail tests whether all of the systems operate effectively together. Passenger safety is the guiding principle. Testing is the last phase before the new tunnel and station are taken into use. ProRail started constructing the tunnel in 2009, the first true passenger train will start operation in the spring of 2015.


In addition to BAM Utiliteitsbouw and Combinatie CrommeLijn (CCL), the Strukton business units Strukton Worksphere and Strukton Rail have made a major contribution to the underground station. For instance, in September 2013, Strukton Worksphere started finishing the underground station and bicycle park. They realised the floors, ceilings, wall coverings, rising features, smoke screens and the furnishing of the station. Strukton Rail has worked on installing the new rails, signals, points and the overhead electrification.


The 2.3-kilometre long tunnel (two tracks) required 16,000 tonnes of ballast, 16,000 metres of sleepers and 20,000 metres of rail.



This message is based on a ProRail press release.

Images: Spoorzone Delft