Grondbank Nederland acquires Ceresmeer area

24 January 2014

Grondbank Nederland, a business unit of Strukton, has acquired a former Philips industrial estate near Ceresmeer Lake in the town of Stadskanaal. The relevant deed of transfer was signed on 4 October 2013. A public information meeting has been organised for local residents, which will be held this evening.

Grondbank Nederland specialises in the re-use of land and building materials and the remediation and site preparation of industrial estates and other brownfield locations. The newly-acquired location will be called ‘Grondbank Stadskanaal bv’.

Menco Wierda, manager at Grondbank Nederland: “The acquisition of this site enables Grondbank Nederland to strengthen its position in the North-eastern Netherlands. Before we take the location into use, we will be remediating the entire area, including Ceresmeer Lake. We will be dealing with local pollution in the lake and the adjacent canals. This is good news for the environment, and for the Stadskanaal residents living near the site.”

The substantive preparations and coordination with the Province, the municipal authorities and the local water board are in full swing. Due to the regular lead time that applies to the preparation and application for the required permits, actual environmental remediation will get underway at some point in 2014.