Inspection runs on German railways

06 March 2014

Strukton’s subsidiary Eurailscout and Erdmann-Softwaregesellschaft mbH are inspecting 5.000 track kilometres in Germany. They do so under the authority of the German ministry of transport and digital infrastructure. Erdmann-Software was assigned to analyse the inspection data and assess the quality of the rail infrastructure. Erdmann uses the IRISSYS system for this purpose, a widely used rail data analysis system in Europe. Eurailscout’s UFM 120 inspection train is doing the inspection runs. The first runs took place in February.


It is the first time that the German ministry has ordered inspection of the rail infrastructure. It has selected Erdmann-Software and Eurailscout for their many years experience in assessing and analysing the condition of the railways in Europe.

Germany’s railway manager Deutsche Bahn has EUR 2.5 billion euros available for the maintenance of the railways, which was increased to even 2.75 billion for 2013 and 2014. Deutsche Bahn should meet the quality standards laid down in the so-called Leistungs- und Finanzierungsvereinbarung (LuFV), which is examined by the Eisenbahnbundesamt.

Further information about the inspection runs (including pictures) can be found on the site of the German ministry of transport and digital infrastructure.