New Delft station ready for test phase

23 September 2014

The underground station and the new station hall are as good as ready. The various contractors, including Strukton, presented them today for acceptance by the client ProRail. Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Spoorzone Delft (OBS) served as the delegated client for the construction of the station hall. With the project’s acceptance, ProRail is now the owner of the underground station, as well as gaining access to the railway tunnel for testing in the months ahead. As of today, the new station hall is owned by Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), which will start preparing the commercial establishments in the building in December 2014.

Spoorzone Delft tilleman_20140313-0174 

New phase

The acceptance of the underground station and the station hall marks an important new phase for the Spoorzone Delft project. The construction site below ground level has presently been transformed into a station area that is more or less ready to be taken into operation. This area will presently be turned into a test environment, where the tunnel, underground station and the associated tunnel-technical, security and other systems will be tested and prepared for the moment when the railway tunnel becomes operational. According to the current schedule, the tunnel and station will be taken into use in the spring of 2015.
NS, the current owner of the station hall, will be offering the commercial areas to its leaseholders for further arrangement in December 2014. The commercial leaseholders will offer a varied programme of food and non-food formulas that together will make the passengers’ journey and stay in the station area as comfortable as possible.

Good job

“With the completion of this project, contractors Strukton Worksphere, Strukton Rail, BAM Utiliteitsbouw and Combinatie CrommeLijn (CCL) have each rounded off a sizeable job and made a substantial contribution to the realisation of the total Spoorzone Delft project,” says Ad Broeders, Spoorzone Delft Project Manager on behalf of ProRail.

For example, in September 2013, Strukton Worksphere started rounding off construction on the underground station and the bike shed. The contractor is responsible for the realisation of the floors, ceilings, wall coverings, stairs and escalators, smoke screens of the underground station and finishing its interior.

In the most recent period, Strukton Rail worked on constructing the new rail section and the overhead lines in the eastern tunnel tube. In the near future, it will also be constructing the rail and overhead lines in the western tube. CCL and Strukton Rail have now made the tunnel’s eastern tube available to ProRail, so that the client can test the tunnel and underground station.

CCL is responsible for the basic structure of the railway tunnel and the underground station, the construction of the tunnel-technical and station systems and, in the near future, the construction of the car park and part of the finishing of the area’s public space.

BAM Utiliteitsbouw has been working since May 2013 on the construction of the new council office and has presently rounded off the integrated station hall, including various passenger facilities. The commercial spaces will be finished at the end of this year. In the meantime, BAM Utiliteitsbouw will continue to work on the council office’s upper floors and will soon start work on the remaining 20% of the building, once the existing above-ground railway line has been demolished.

This item is based on a Spoorzone Delft press release.