Second deck for the new Botlek Bridge successfully installed and lifted

30 September 2014

The A-Lanes A15 contractor consortium, which includes Strukton, is busily working on the realisation of the new Botlek Bridge on behalf of client Rijkswaterstaat. On Friday 26 September, the second and final deck section passed the old Botlek Bridge. After being successfully installed on Saturday 27 September, the new bridge deck was raised on the morning of Sunday 28 September to let shipping traffic pass underneath.

Botlekbrug 2e brugdek 

The first deck for the new Botlek Bridge was installed in position between the bridge towers on Saturday 13 September.

New Botlek Bridge

The new Botlek Bridge will become one of the largest vertical-lift bridges in Europe. It will be wider than its predecessor, so that shipping traffic can pass underneath from both sides simultaneously. In addition, the bridge will be taller, so that the decks will have to be raised less often. This will improve circulation both on the water and the road. The construction of the new Botlek Bridge is part of the widening of the A15 motorway between Maasvlakte and Vaanplein interchange.