Strukton a candidate for the construction of a rail connection in Suriname

07 November 2014

Strukton Systems is a candidate for the construction of a 29-kilometre-long rail connection between the capital of Paramaribo and the village of Onverwacht to the south. Strukton has performed a feasibility study for this project and, as announced by the Republic of Suriname during a press conference on 5 November, Strukton might also be named executing party. The contract sum for this project is 130 million euros. It is not yet known when the contract will be signed.


This potential contract includes the construction of a double track rail connection, as well as eight stops, 16 level crossings and a rail bridge. It also includes the delivery of five diesel trains and responsibility for training engine drivers. The aim is for the first travellers to be able to make use of the new public transport system within a year. 

Strukton previously performed a feasibility study for the construction of the rail connection. The engineering for this route has also been completed; this included charting the soil testing results, cables, wiring and soil hydrology. 

“As a company, we will strive to build a safe, reliable railway. We very much want to offer this to the residents of Suriname. Strukton Systems has more than enough technical know-how and experience in rail systems and we can use this expertise to help Suriname with this major project.”

Strukton Systems Director Lex van Seventer

Comfortable, fast and frequent rail connection 

This new rail line will be a comfortable, fast and frequent rail connection for Suriname. It will relieve the most congested road in Suriname, the road connecting Paramaribo and the national airport, and as a result, it will contribute to reducing the number of traffic accidents along this main road. It also contributes to improving accessibility to health care centres and schools. Future plans include extending the rail line to the international airport in Zanderij.  

This project in Suriname is in alignment with Strukton's ambition to serve the international market with a number of specialisms. In the rail systems market, Strukton has been operating for some time on the international scale.