Strukton to supply traction systems for Siemens’ new Cityval and Airval vehicles

12 June 2014

Strukton and Siemens have agreed that Strukton Rolling Stock will be supplying the traction systems for Siemens’ new fully-automated Cityval and Airval vehicles. The first concrete order to come out of this contract concerns the supply of traction systems for 19 new vehicles for the ‘b’ metro line in the French city of Rennes.

Siemens Cityval and Airval vehicles 

Strukton has already supplied traction systems for the mid-life renovation of the fully-automated vehicles (VAL shuttles) in Chicago and Toulouse. With the new Siemens contract, this order book has now been expanded with Siemens’ newly-built Cityval and Airval vehicles. VAL stands for Véhicule Automatique Léger. The Cityval and Airval vehicles represent the newest generation of the VAL people mover system. VAL is a fully-automated, driverless mass transit system first introduced some 30 years ago.

Traction systems

The traction systems that Strukton Rolling Stock will be supplying to Siemens include traction converters and traction control electronics. These traction converters are required to convert the current supplied to the vehicle into the various voltages required by the vehicle for propulsion and on-board equipment. In the case of the Rennes metro line, this current is provided via a so-called ‘third rail’. This rail has the same purpose as the overhead rail in an electric train system. The traction control electronics are used to operate the converters.

“We are delighted to be selected by Siemens, which adopts strict qualification and selection procedures. This underlines our strong performance in the field of traction converters and control logic over the past years. We will make sure that the Cityval and Airval vehicles will have a top quality traction chain for decades to come.”

Martien Janse, Director at Strukton Rolling Stock

The Rennes metro line b

The new 12.6-km metro line b in Rennes, the capital of Brittany (France), will serve 15 stations and run from the south-west to the north-east of the city. In addition to supplying 19 vehicles, Siemens will also be responsible for the line’s track and electrification system, including the Trainguard MT CBTC signalling, automatic platform screen doors, telecommunications systems, and an operational control centre and depot. The Strukton-supplied systems for the Rennes line will undergo extensive testing from mid-2016 on. The new metro line will be taken into operation in 2019.

Strukton Rolling Stock

Strukton Rolling Stock, one of the business units of Strukton Rail, enjoys a unique worldwide position in the development, production and supply of traction systems (traction converters), on-board current converters (auxiliary converters) and train control and management systems (TCMS). Strukton uses its standardised modules to achieve client-specific solutions in both the renovation and new construction of trains, light rail vehicles and locomotives. For more information, visit:

Image source: Siemens brochure about the Rennes ‘b’ metro line (2013)