Strukton Worksphere preferred maintenance partner for COA-run detention centres in the North Netherlands

06 February 2014

Over the next two years, Strukton Worksphere will be handling structural maintenance activities for all locations of the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) in the North Netherlands. COA announced this on 8 January 2014.

Maximum control, minimum time investment

By working towards uniform methods and procedures at all its detention centres, COA intends to effectively control the costs, lead times and quality of structural maintenance at its locations. To this end, the Agency aims to enter into framework agreements with contractors, which it will be directing from a central point. COA’s ultimate objective is to offer maximum control to the staff of the Accommodation and Implementation units, at a minimum investment of time.

Structural maintenance of immigration detention centres

The present framework agreement concerns the execution of structural maintenance work at COA’s immigration detention centres in the North Netherlands. These activities will be managed from Strukton’s local office in Groningen. The contracted work includes preventive and scheduled maintenance as well as all any required functional adjustments over the next two years. In addition, Strukton will be handling any repairs required in connection with, for example, vandalism – including when this work has to be carried out after office hours. Strukton will also be handling the associated structural maintenance if COA locations are forced to expand or scale down as a result of changes to government policy.
The agreement is effective as of 1 February 2014. It has a term of two years, which can be extended for two consecutive 12 month terms. The framework agreement also covers renovations to a maximum investment of EUR 1 million, and functional adjustments to a maximum investment of EUR 500,000.