Twente to gain technology centre

04 April 2014

Strukton parent company Sanderink Investments has announced the establishment of a new technology centre in the Netherlands, the Sanderink Technology Centre. In due course, this centre will provide employment for hundreds of people. Moreover, it will create new graduation and internship posts for students at the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

The technology centre will be set up in Enschede, close to the University of Twente. It will draw its first team members – and assignments – from Sanderink Investments’ subsidiaries: the IT firm Centric, infrastructure company Strukton and the consultancy and engineering firm Antea Group, formerly known as Oranjewoud. These firms presently conduct their research at locations around the world, but in the future this research will be concentrated as far as possible in Twente. The technology centre’s principle clients will initially be the various Sanderink subsidiaries. However, in the longer term, other companies working in the Netherlands are also intended to outsource research and development objectives to the Enschede facility.

Innovative and sustainable techniques

The team at Sanderink Technology Centre will focus on developing innovative, sustainable techniques in response to concrete requests from the private sector. At the time of its launch, the centre will focus on four key research areas:

  1. Propulsion systems for trains and cars
  2. Sensor technology
  3. Remote management and operation
  4. Data management

These research areas are all associated with Sanderink Investments subsidiaries.

Retention of talented students for the region

The centre’s retention of talented students for the region and investment in local knowledge and expertise is wholeheartedly supported by policy-makers like the Municipality of Enschede, Regio Twente, the Province of Overijssel and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Born and bred in the region, Gerard Sanderink has a special place in his heart for Twente. In his efforts to further build the region, Sanderink has not only decided to found a technology centre, he also recently launched a scholarship programme for talented Twente technologists in partnership with the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. These grants will be awarded via Stichting Gerard Sanderink. In addition to awarding scholarships, the foundation aims to establish a company that specialises in applied research and to use the results of this research for the public good.

“In Twente, you can turn to a large reserve of qualified students and entrepreneurs. I would like my native region to face the future with a strong economic position. Through this technology centre, I hope to contribute to this goal and ensure that Twente once again develops a strong industrial sector. The establishment of the technology centre is intended to boost local employment in Twente at all levels, from university graduates to unskilled workers – because this is what the region needs. ”

Gerard Sanderink

About Sanderink Investments

Entrepreneur Gerard Sanderink is the owner of the investment company Sanderink Investments, which controls, among other companies, the IT firm Centric, the infrastructure company Strukton and the engineering firm Antea Group. Combined, the company’s subsidiaries employ some 15,000 people and have an annual revenue of EUR 2.3 billion.