Ballast renewal on behalf of Söderås railway reconstruction

23 March 2015

On Monday 16 March, Strukton Rail started the ballast renewal for the reconstruction of the Söderås railway line in the west part of Skåne between Åstorp and Teckomatorp. The Swedish transport administration Trafikverket awarded the contract to Strukton in July 2014. The preparatory work on the construction of access roads along the railway line started already in August 2014. The work started this week involves renewing the ballast below and between the sleepers along the 32.5 km long stretch.


Strukton uses its special C750 ballast cleaning machine for this job in combination with 11 so-called MFS wagons. The ballast cleaning machine extracts the old ballast from under the sleepers with a chain, and transports it to a screen, which retains any usable material. The usable ballast is then returned to the track. Other material is removed on conveyor belts to MFS wagons. The train will renew the ballast along approximately 1.5 track kilometres a day. It will take 20 days to finish the whole stretch between Åstorp and Teckomatorp.

Faster and heavier trains

The Strukton contract is the second stage of a three-stage reconstruction project which aims to both secure level crossings and increase the railway capacity for faster and heavier trains. Upon completion of stage three, the reconstructed Söderås railway line will be able to accommodate a steady flow of passenger trains, which will improve opportunities for residents to commute to and from major cities in the region. The amount of freight trains passing through the ridge of Hallandsåsen will increase already once stage 2 has been finished to accommodate the increase of freight traffic when Hallandsås Tunnel will be completed in December 2015.

Project summary

Strukton Rail is responsible for:

  • Installation of a new signal box for the signalling system along the entire Söderås railway line
  • Replacement of passive level crossings with automatic level crossings
  • Renewal of the track and ballast and laying new track and ballast along the line between Åstorp and Teckomatorp
  • Installation of cables along the entire line
  • Construction of a railway bridge in Källs-Nöbbelöv
  • Construction of a pedestrian and cycle tunnel under the railways in Billesholm
  • Reconstruction of the rail yard in Billesholm, which includes the rails being rebuilt from single to double track. This part will also be a preparation for stage 3, in which Billesholm will get a new railway station.