Groundbreaking approach to maintenance for Utrecht Regiotram

03 April 2015

Strukton Rail is responsible for the management, maintenance and emergency repair of the tramway infrastructure in Utrecht since 2014. Strukton Rail and its customer Regiotram Utrecht have now drawn up a groundbreaking maintenance concept that focuses on risk management and preventative action. They signed the new maintenance contract in the Nieuwegein tram depot on 1 April 2015.

Contract beheer SUNIJ 1 april 2015 

Both parties decided for a real co-production instead of the classical division between customer and contractor. Based on experiences from practice, they decided to focus on the quality of the tram services in particular, thus developing a new maintenance concept that is more than a paper contract. 

Quality criteria have been sharpened and made transparent to make sure that both the customer and the contractor have insight into the actions required under different circumstances. This concept is directly applicable. The new commitments are based on and tailored to the PAS 55 quality requirements, which Regiotram Utrecht has adopted since December 2014. The new maintenance concept is the first in its kind in the Netherlands.

Photo (by courtesy of Regiotram Utrecht): James van Kraanen (left) signed the agreement on behalf of Strukton Rail and Paul Tulp (tram infrastructure) did so on behalf of Regiotram

This message is based on a message by Regiotram Utrecht.