Strukton Rail wins maintenance contract in south of Sweden

08 January 2015

Strukton Rail has won the contract to maintain the railways around Malmö as from September 1, 2015. The contract, amounting to approximately 50 mln euros, has been awarded by the Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, and will be valid for five years with an option to be extended with a further two years. The contract includes maintenance of 360 km of railways: the stretch running between Simrishamn and Arlöv, the Ystad Line (running between Malmö and Ystad), the stretch between Arlöv - Malmö - Lockarp and parts of the freight line through Skåne.

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Strukton Rail will have full functional responsibility, involving the preventive maintenance of track, electricity, catenary, signalling technology and functional repair in case of failures. The company will also take care of snow removal and will prepare the railways with snow protection measures and points heating.

“We are very pleased with the job as it is of great strategic importance for us. The contract allows us to further develop our business in the south of Sweden and strengthen our presence in Scandinavia's most expansive region.”

Alf Karlsson, regional manager at Strukton Rail

About Strukton Rail

Strukton supports clients in the rail systems, civil infrastructure and technique & buildings sectors by implementing a range of specialist methods and solutions. The company has some 7,000 employees and an annual revenue of EUR 1.6 billion.

Strukton Rail is a full-service and technology provider for rail systems and a subsidiary of Strukton. Strukton Rail develops, constructs, installs and maintains rail systems, with the goal of making rail optimally accessible, reliable, safe and measurable. In Sweden, Strukton is responsible for the operation and maintenance of large parts of the Swedish railway infrastructure managed by Trafikverket and provides SL’s rail system service and troubleshooting. Strukton Rail has 890 employees in Sweden.