Trains now running underground through city centre of Delft

04 March 2015

Strukton Rail observed a tight planning in the past week to connect the track in the new rail tunnel in Delft to the existing track on behalf of ProRail. Strukton’s technical teams were working in shifts day and night on both the north and south side of the tunnel, replacing 150-200 metres of rails, moving signals and connecting the catenary systems underground and above ground. The first passenger train ran through the tunnel in the early morning of Saturday 28 February. Trains are now entering the new underground train station through the new tunnel and the old, noisy railway viaduct belongs to the past. The new tunnel offers room to four tracks to accommodate a better flow of rail passenger services.


Track works

After preliminary works in 2013, we started laying the double track in the 2.3 kilometre long tunnel at eight metre depth at the beginning of 2014, including catenary, cables and pipelines, two switch connections, the substation for the power supply of the catenary and tunnel installations, and two EBS stations for the train protection system. We also renewed the DSM yard in Delft, including the required civil engineering activities. We finished the work in the past week connecting the existing track to the new track in the tunnel. It was especially the logistics for the material supply that created the complexity of this project.

Spoorzone Delft

Our project was part of the major ‘Spoorzone Delft’ project comprising the integral redevelopment of an area of around 40 hectares, located in between the inner city of Delft and the residential neighbourhoods to the west and south. The entire project consists of a railway tunnel, an underground railway station with municipal office, dwellings and office buildings, a city park and water elements. Strukton Worksphere was involved in the final phase of the station construction. Further information: