Works starts on Eastern Scheldt Tidal Power project

19 June 2015

Strukton and its partners have started on the realisation of the new tidal power plant along the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier. This tidal power plant will feature five tidal turbines that enable the station to generate clean energy. Strukton has been involved in this project since the start of the planning phase in 2010. The tidal power plant is owned by Tocardo Tidal Turbines, a manufacturer of freestanding hydro-electric power turbines. Strukton has entered into a partnership agreement with Tocardo Tidal Turbines with the ambition to develop tidal power into a fully-fledged market.

Tidal Power Plant Oosterschelde 3 

The Eastern Scheldt Tidal Power project is the largest tidal power project ever undertaken in the Netherlands and will be the largest commercial tidal power plant in the world. The project will be the first time a total of five turbines are installed in an array.

For close to 60 years now, the world-renowned Delta Works have been protecting a major part of the Netherlands from flooding from the North Sea. The new project will be using one of these works, the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, to generate energy. The fast-flowing water of the Eastern Scheldt makes it the best possible location in the Netherlands for generating tidal energy. The rhythmic ebb and flow of the estuary generates very strong currents that can be used by Tocardo’s turbines for the safe and reliable generation of hydroelectric power. The turbines, which will become operational this autumn, have a total capacity of 1.2 MW – enough to supply electricity to 1,000 households.

“Tidal energy is a clean and reliable source of energy that can satisfy 10 to 20% of the global energy requirement. The realisation of this project marks a major step forward in the development of tidal energy. Together with Strukton Sustainable Energy, we intend to further develop tidal energy into a significant Dutch export product. This project in our domestic market is a good showpiece that we and our partners can use to enter the global market.”

Andre Hoogeveen, General Manager of Strukton Sustainable Energy

A number of other companies are involved in this project besides Strukton and Tocardo. Fellow shareholder Huisman designed the suspension structure for the turbines. Mammoet will be handling the installation, and the Zeeland firms of Istimewa Elektrotechniek, Van der Straaten and Hillebrand will be making major contributions to the electrical engineering system and steel structures. Together with these partners, Strukton and Tocardo intend to further increase the number of turbines in the future.

As manager of the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, the Netherlands’ government agency for water management and public works Rijkswaterstaat supplied the location for this innovative sustainable energy initiative. Rijkswaterstaat works together with the private sector on the development of innovative solutions and where possible provides room to private-sector parties to test or implement innovations.
The Province of Zeeland has supported the project with a sizeable financial contribution. Member of the Provincial Executive Ben de Reu: “Zeeland’s strength is our surrounding water. We are the only province with land in the sea itself, which is why tidal energy suits Zeeland so well. The knowledge that we gain in this venture can be used in delta regions around the world.” In addition, the project has been made possible in part thanks to contributions from the European Regional Development Fund, the Dutch government and the Province of Zeeland in the context of the Operational Programme for the Southern Netherlands (OP-Zuid).