A2 tunnel in Maastricht: the optimum interaction between innovation, technology and people

16 December 2016

As a technologically-driven contractor you’re in your element in a project like the A2 tunnel in Maastricht. The optimum interaction between innovation, technology and people has produced a unique, double-layered tunnel in Maastricht. A plan for city and motorway, drawn up with a vision for Maastricht.

opening avenue 2 

Smart installations

Among the features making the A2 tunnel so exceptional are a ‘flying viaduct’, the ‘observational method’ and the ‘second tunnel construction train’, which have created extra space for the more than fifty different traffic and tunnel management installations required to be able to use the tunnel safely every day. The installations ensure a good traffic flow, and are intended to prevent and detect incidents, and to act fast and effectively should there be any unexpected occurrences, like vehicle breakdowns or accidents. All the installations together make up the traffic and tunnel management installations (or VTTI in the Dutch acronym). 

National tunnel standard

A remarkable aspect of the tunnel is that these technical traffic and tunnel installations have been built-in in accordance with national tunnel standard 1.2. This standard was designed to achieve an unequivocal approach in tunnels in terms of installations, service, emergencies and ICT control. The tunnel in Maastricht is one of the first projects where the national tunnel standard has been applied.

“However it’s also the collaboration between all the parties which has made this project extra special. Right from the start of the project all employees, both of the client and the contractor, have worked towards the same goals: delivery of the tunnel within the stipulated period and working with care for the environment. The environment has played a significant role in the choices made during the construction process”

Frank Bekooij, Chairman of the Board of Strukton Civiel

Last night (overnight between 15 and 16 December) the tunnel has been taken in opperation. This is an important milestone for Strukton Civiel. Important lessons for the future were learned during the project. Lessons we will use for future projects at a national and international level.