Festive opening of The Hague public transport terminal

09 February 2016

The renovation of The Hague Central Station has now been rounded off. State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of Infrastructure and the Environment will be officially opening the station on Monday 1 February 2016, together with Mayor Van Aartsen of The Hague and an as-yet-unknown traveller. Strukton was commissioned by ProRail to transform The Hague Central Station into a modern public transport terminal.

den haag centraal 

Strukton has built the new public transport terminal in a number of phases. The station remained operational throughout the entire renovation period. During the day, work was kept to a minimum, with most activities being executed after dark. To this end, the team set up a work site every night after the last train had left the station. And at the end of the work period, we made sure that everything was tidy again, so that the next morning travellers could again move safely through the station.

Glass roof

To realise the station’s striking glass roof – with unique, diamond-shaped roof sections – Strukton erected a temporary work platform in the hall. Travellers walking through the station could pass under this platform. This glass roof lends the new public transport terminal a very light and spacious atmosphere. And this airy quality is also reflected in the entries to the photo competition organised by ProRail in celebration of the building’s renovation (see the photo accompanying this article).

Our traffic and transport solutions

ProRail commissioned Strukton to transform The Hague Central Station into a modern public transport terminal. The railway terminus, with a layered array of transport facilities – rail, bus, tram and the RandstadRail rapid transit system – remained operational throughout the renovation and new construction.