SolaRoad extended by 20 meter

26 October 2016

The SolaRoad bike path in Krommenie was extended by 20 meter. The added elements are improved versions of the elements that were installed in 2014. The extension is part of the three-year SolaRoad pilot project, and will generate new test results.

Verlenging SolaRoad met 20 meter 

Next generation solar panels

An additional 20 meters was added to the existing 70 m SolaRoad bike path in Krommenie between 17 and 20 October. The extension consists of new elements with improved technology, the result of two years of research and development. New solar panels were developed, which are better tailored to application in pavements. The elements no longer have a glass top layer. Two of the elements have thin-film solar cells embedded. 

Road of the future

Since the official opening in November 2014, SolaRoad has attracted significant national and international attention and interest. Building on the results of the pilot bike road in the province of Noord-Holland, SolaRoad is now developing towards pilots in roads for regular traffic. Several road owners in The Netherlands and abroad have expressed their interest.  

Solaroad kit

A SolaRoad kit will become available shortly. The kit consists of a set of four elements forming a bike road section of 10 meter, with electrical installation. SolaRoad is currently the only solar pavement in the world with a functioning pilot in a public road.   

Pilot project

SolaRoad is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of renewable energy generation. A unique concept, which converts the sunlight on the road pavement into green electricity. The Dutch concept SolaRoad is being developed by the province of North Holland,
TNO, Ooms Civiel and Dynniq. In a three year pilot project in Krommenie, from 2014 until 2018, on-site measurements and tests are done to further develop and improve SolaRoad.

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(Credits: SolaRoad Netherlands)