Strukton International and Verdygo introduce flexible modular system for waste water treatment

08 December 2016

Since the signing of the memorandum of understanding last April, Strukton International is now cooperating with Verdygo BV in the marketing of a modular system for waste water treatment in the Middle East. Verdygo BV, a company which is part of the Water Board Limburg (NL), has designed the modular system. Strukton International will be responsible for the acquisition and execution via its branch offices in the Middle East.


The main features of the modular system are standardized and transportable modules with a plug and play feature. The plants will have a standard compact lay-out and are built above ground to improve maintenance and operations. The flexibility of this modular system provides a great advantage, since a waste water treatment plant is built for the longer term (30 years on average). Adjustments in for example larger or smaller capacity, or the development of new technologies can now more easily be implemented in the plant.

Water scarcity is a relevant topic in the Middle East and the region therefore has a great potential for growth. While water in western Europe is mostly being disposed after purification, Middle East countries mostly upgrade the treated water for irrigation or industrial applications (or even potable water). This concept therefore forms a great addition to the activities of Strukton in the area of sustainable solutions.