First order coloured asphalt Al Bidda Park Doha, Qatar

09 March 2017

In February 2017, Ooms PMB received its first order from Qatari company Bin Omran Trading & Contracting L.L.C for the supply of 255 MT Colorfalt V Red pigments for asphalt. The coloured asphalt is intended for the Al Bidda Park in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Al Bidda Park Doha 

The Al Bidda park is an important asset for the city of Doha, since it provides a peaceful escape from the busy city and a place where friends and family can relax. The client therefore decided, from an esthetical point of view, to apply coloured asphalt on the roads and cycle paths in the park.

Ooms PMB will supply the materials and also supervise the asphalt production and paving works on site.

Coloured asphalt
In general, traditional asphalt for paving is found to be black. What few people know is that asphalt pavements can be coloured into a wide range of colour shades. Coloured asphalt consists of clear binder, colour pigments and aggregates. The coloured aggregates achieve a durable colour. The long term performance of a coloured road will greatly benefit through the application of clear binders and, in this case, red pigment pellets.

International Coloured Asphalt Foundation
Together with Ventraco Chemie and Rotim Innovations, Ooms PMB is one of the founders of the International Coloured Asphalt Foundation (I.C.A.F). The main goal of the I.C.A.F. is to promote and stimulate the application of coloured asphalt, on national and international level. It forms a platform for people who are interested in using coloured asphalt, and to share their ideas and experiences. In addition, the foundation can support with technical information.

I.C.A.F recently launched a website to offer  information on the applicability of coloured asphalt aiming to make it better accessible for end users. In the future, the foundation wants to further promote knowledge and the transfer of knowledge about the possible application of coloured asphalt. Furthermore, I.C.A.F. will search for possibilities to cooperate more with companies, governments, clients and other governmental institutions.

By inspiring architects, designers, principles, local governments to use coloured asphalt, the foundation aims for a more colourful urban society. Find out more on the website: