Rijswijk-Rotterdam Track and Civil Engineering Works project awarded to Strukton

10 December 2018

As part of the High-Frequency Track Upgrade Programme, ProRail has awarded the Rijswijk-Rotterdam DS1 Track and Civil Engineering Works project to Strukton. The focus of Strukton's proposal is on limiting inconvenience to the surrounding environment and on creating time and space for flawless system integration. Through smart phasing and a smart implementation methodology, Strukton will reduce inconvenience to passengers from two years to just six months at the Delft South station. Outside work will commence in November 2019. The project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2024.


Jan Mulder, Rail infrastructure director at ProRail, and Tjark de Vries, project director at Strukton Rail Netherlands

Expanding Capacity

In the future, eight Intercity trains and six Sprinters will be driving between The Hague Central Station and Rotterdam Central Station per hour. The corridor will also provide increased track capacity for freight traffic. To be able to achieve this, the tracks between Rijswijk and Delft South will be doubled from two to four tracks. In addition, the signals between Delft South and Rotterdam will be improved.

Changes in and around Rijswijk

In Rijswijk, an underpass will be constructed to replace a level crossing. The new underpass will be located 250 metres to the north of the current level crossing and will be integrated into the municipality of Rijswijk's local development. A railway access point for emergency services and railway contractors will be constructed at the site of the current level crossing.
The railway bridge over the Kerstanjewetering waterway at the border of Rijswijk and Delft will make way for a bridge able to accommodate four tracks. The new bridge will have a clearance of 1.80 m, which will allow pleasure crafts to easily pass under it.

Changes in and around Delft

To realise the doubling of the tracks between Rijswijk and Delft South, the western tube of the railway tunnel in the new Delft station will be opened up. This tube – a copy of the tube that has been in use since 2015 – was delivered as a shell in August 2017.
An underpass for cyclists and pedestrians with access to the platforms will be constructed at the Delft South station. The current side platforms will be replaced by two island platforms and lifts will be installed to improve accessibility.

Other Changes

Noise screens will be installed in Delft and the railway yard on DSM's industrial premises will be connected to the new tracks. Several new switches will be installed between Schiedam Centre and Rotterdam Central Station. Platform 6 at Rotterdam Central Station will be extended to be able to accommodate the required timetable.

High-Frequency Rail Transport Programme

The High-Frequency Rail Transport Programme is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works and Water Management. ProRail is executing the plans in cooperation with the Dutch National Railways (NS) and rail freight partners organised in KNV. ProRail is working on expanding the tracks between Rijswijk and Rotterdam under contract to the Ministry, the municipality of Delft and the municipality of Rijswijk.