Highway Maasvlakte-Vaanplein

The A15 forms a key link between the growing port and industrial complex of Rotterdam and the European hinterland. The A-Lanes A15 consortium is currently working on the expansion and maintenance of the A15 between Maasvlakte and the Vaanplein junction. The existing Botlek Bridge will be replaced by a new bridge that is bigger than the previous structure in every way.

The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management
A15 Maasvlakte-Vaanplein
The Netherlands
Civil infrastructure
Eerste brugdeel Botlekbrug geplaatst_Pro
Plaatsen eerste brugdeel Botlekbrug_Pro
Boot vaart onder nieuwe en oude Botlekbrug_maart 2014_Pro
Onderdelen nieuwe Botlekbrug_Pro
Wegdelen 15MaVa


The realisation of extra lanes and traffic management systems will vastly improve circulation and road safety along the A15 in this area, as well as remove a number of bottlenecks. Whereas right now, the A15 still offers three lanes, in the near future, the motorway will gain a double parallel lane along both sides of the carriageway. In addition, A-Lanes A15 will be handling the management and maintenance of the A15, including all technical systems, bridges, viaducts and two road tunnels (the Botlek Tunnel and the Thomassen Tunnel).

New Botlek Bridge

The current Botlek Bridge will be replaced by a new lifting bridge across the Oude Maas, eliminating a major shipping bottleneck in the region. The new Botlek Bridge features two bridge passages – each around 90 metres wide – and will rise some 14 metres above water level. Its openings are twice as high as those of the current bridge, meaning that it can allow larger vessels to pass under it without impeding road traffic. In addition, its two sections will allow ships coming from opposite directions to pass simultaneously. When completed, the new Botlek Bridge, which lifts to a maximum height of 45 metres, will be one of the largest moveable bridges in the world.

Project details

The contract has a term of 25 years and a total nominal project value of some EUR 1.5b. This makes it the largest contract ever awarded by Rijkswaterstaat.

DBFM contract

The project was put out to tender in a European call for bids and will be realised according to the terms of a DBFM (Design, Build, Finance and Maintain) contract. This means that A-Lanes A15 not only bears responsibility for the entire design and realisation of the A15 project, but also for the financing, management and maintenance of all existing and new infrastructure over a period of 20 years.
This approach will result in optimum lifecycle costs. The various components have all been integrated into one single contract and their design, financing, implementation and management are coordinated and handled by a single contractor.


The completion date for the A15 expansion project, which is undertaken in partnership with Rijkswaterstaat, has been set at 31 December 2015. The 20-year maintenance term of the project will commence as of that date.


The consortium is a partnership between Strukton, Ballast Nedam, John Laing and Strabag. Its members work together with the following parties:

  • Croon Elektrotechniek
  • Antea Group
  • Quist Wintermans Architekten
  • Allen & Overy
  • BNP Paribas/RebelGroup
  • Marsh

Simulation floating in of the new Botlek bridge in Rotterdam


Floating in first bridge deck Botlek bridge