Botniabanan Superstructure

Strukton Rail constructed the northern part of the Bothnia Line in three seasons from May to mid September, 2007 to 2009.

Botniabanan AB
Northeast of Sweden
Rail systems

Strukton Rail’s project scope:

Strukton Rail’s project scope included:

  • Construction of 100 kilometres of track
  • Construction of industrial branch line with several bridges and tunnels
  • Supply of UIC 60 rails, points and sleepers

Bothnia Line

The Bothnia Line runs along Sweden’s east coast, for 190 kilometres from Umea southwards to Ornskoldsvik and then inland to Nyland. The line is single track, running through 15 tunnels with a combined length of 25 kilometres and with an overtaking track every 10 to 14 kilometres for trains of up to 750 metres. The route is meant for both passengers and goods. The maximum speed for passenger trains is 250 km/h. The maximum axle load for goods transport is 25 tons.

The Swedish king Carl XVI Gustaf opened the line in August 2010.