Inverters Yarra Trams

The Australian Yarra Trams has contracted Strukton Rolling Stock to supply new static inverters for B-Class trams in Melbourne. Melbourne is home to the largest tram network in the world. The power electronics in the trams, that usually starts to show age after approximately ten to fifteen years, is in need of renewal. After a public tender process, Yarra Trams has selected Strukton Rolling Stock to deliver new static inverters, starting with an initial batch of three units for trial.

Technical information

Static inverters supply trams with power for all secondary systems. The inverters Strukton Rolling Stock will provide are equipped with modern IGBT electronics. This technology guaranties a stabile energy supply to all auxiliary systems. Strukton Rolling Stock offers Form-Fit Function replacement that fits on the same mounting points and connectors and has a special focus on such refurbishment requirements. The cubicle is new for each application; the power modules inside are used in more projects to keep development effort as low as possible. The result is a cost-effective solution to get another fifteen tot twenty years of useful life out of the trusted vehicles.


The first delivery of the inverters for the B-Class trams takes place in the first quarter of 2017. In total, 28 installations will be delivered initially.