Static converters for class 18E locomotives South Africa

Strukton Rolling Stock delivers new static converters for Transnet Engineering’s Class 18E locomotives. The static converters replace the current motor alternators which are suffering from high maintenance costs and obsolescence issues.

Transnet Engineering
Transnet Class_18E, 2
Transnet auxiliary power, APC HV cubicle under test projectcaroussel
Transnet auxiliary power, APC HV cubicle under test-projectcaroussel

Project details

Class 18E locomotives are important locomotives in South Africa with over 700 units in operation for freight transport. The contract comprises of deliveries for a first set of seven locomotives with options for more deliveries. The introduction of new IGBT based converters improves the reliability of the locomotives and extends the life span considerably.

The first set of converters undergoes an extensive test programme. The new converters have six different outputs and are equipped with an innovative cooling mechanism to withstand the harsh temperature conditions. Temperatures can rise to extremely high values, especially when locomotives are coupled and have to brake inside tunnels.

The first set of static converters is designed and produced in the Netherlands. Production will be transferred to Transnet Engineering to create local jobs and contribute to Transnet Engineering’s supplier development goals.