Automatic Total Stations: insight into rail Deformation

Our monitoring service can be used for the purpose of identifying the deformation of rail tracks. This service will map any rail track deformation 24/7. Monitoring is possible of operational rail tracks or while maintenance is being carried out. You can monitor the result on an internet page that only you can access.

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Ever higher requirements

The requirements for work carried out along railway tracks are increasing all the time. During work that involves a risk of subsidence close to the railway track, deformation of the rail track is a critical factor. ProRail define their requirements in this respect in 'Preservation specifications'.

Total station

Using a system that consists of a Total station and measuring points installed on the rails, we conduct continuous measurements, monitor any deformation, and issue alerts is thresholds are exceeded. As a result, the relevant parties can be alerted in time and action can be taken, if necessary. You can follow the monitoring in real time on a special a website. Daily reports can be issued digitally to keep all stakeholders informed.


  • Monitoring while rail tracks are in operation or during maintenance work
  • Alerts when alert thresholds are exceeded
  • Measurements can be read remotely on the internet
  • Remote adjustment of measurement settings, such as frequency
  • Receipt of daily reports by email


  • Measurement scope of a maximum of 2*300 m of rail for each Total station
  • Continuous monitoring (24/7, 365 days a year)
  • Accuracy +/- 1mm; for measurement distances of 300 m, the accuracy is +/- 2mm

In the case of smaller risks, the same measurement principle can also be executed manually by a surveyor using a Total station. By just conducting a baseline measurement, an intermediate measurement and a final measurement, for example, you will still receive all the required information, but at a lower cost.