Data reporting: available, usable and reliable

In order to generate measurement data, we use a variety of measurement systems and sensors available on the market and our own SMARTbox, which we developed ourselves. The resulting measurement data is streamlined in a web application in order to create a stream of bits and bytes the user can read and use. Their availability and usability define their value.

datareportage 2
Datareportage 2

Our own software

Strukton Survey & Monitoring has developed its own software to manage the data the moment it is generated by a sensor at the construction site. This software also acts as a measurement system to verify that our measurement systems are working properly.

The issues to be resolved include: ‘Are the data connections from and to the central data server available? Is each measurement system producing data according to the defined configuration? Is the data available online and have backups been made?’ These issues are primarily resolved by means of software checks.

Human perspective

Despite all the technology, the human perspective of these systems is still indispensable. Our specialists look for more than just numbers. Depending on the client's requirements, we can also report data that includes an analysis of the measurements (in relation to the work).

Functional requirements

Availability and reliability:

  • The measurement data must be ’there’
  • All assigned users must have access
  • The measurement must be correct
  • Alerts are based on signalling and threshold values
  • Data must be protected against loss due to system failure or malfunctions of the measurement system
  • Data must be compatible to facilitate analyses and comparison with the construction work

Functions and specifications

  • Checking the availability of data connections and measurement data
  • Online data analysis and availability
  • Automatic reporting
  • Data backup
  • Alerts using text messages/email
  • Checking data and availability
  • Checking if systems are online