Groundwater: wet or dry feet?

Groundwater level measurements provide a unique insight into the subsoil. These measurements are used, for example, when the groundwater table has to be lowered. You can see exactly how effective your drainage is, and whether there is any environmental impact. These measurements provide highly accurate data on fluctuations in groundwater levels.


A good start: the reference situation

Starting groundwater measurements early results in correct assessment of the reference situation and provides an insight into natural fluctuations. This makes it possible to monitor the effects of your activities from the start and to identify any deviations.
You can choose between manual or automatic measurement. Automatic measurement has many benefits because it gives continuous information. The measurement frequency can be defined according to your requirements and the measurement data is accessible online. In order to identify deviations in time and to make adjustments to the construction process, where necessary, we use signalling and/or threshold values.

Additional service for groundwater measurements

Strukton Survey & Monitoring has an extensive experience in carrying out groundwater measurements. Besides the purely physical execution of measurements, we can also help you to set up a convenient measuring network, draw up a monitoring plan, and communicate measurement data to municipalities, water boards and other stakeholders.


The main functions of groundwater level and groundwater pressure measurements:

  • Verification of design principles
  • Control over design and realisation risks
  • Quality assurance


Depending on your situation and/or your needs, we can work according to specific requirements. Measurements can be performed to a depth of approx. 50 metres. Automatic measurements are available online.