Maturity of concrete: establishing the right time for removing shuttering and loading

Strukton Survey & Monitoring conducts temperature measurements and combines this data with the properties of the concrete to establish a weighted value for the maturity of the concrete (in compliance with NEN 5970). An understanding of the hardening process gives you an important indication of its strength development. This determines or predicts the right moment to remove formwork or loading the concrete.


The right decision at the right moment

When large volumes of concrete are hardening, temperature (development) has an impact on the quality of the concrete. The process can be regulated by applying heated or cooled formwork. These values can also be monitored. When concrete is cooling, the temperature of incoming and outgoing cooling water is measured, for example. This information obtained in this way is essential for making decisions and for assessment and quality reports. Alerts are issued when critical values are reached. During and after measurement, values can be viewed on the internet.

System functions

  • Current temperature and maturity data
  • Risk management. By monitoring current measurement data and the weighted maturity, processes such as removing formwork, loading, heating and cooling can be controlled, and alerts can be issued when values are exceeded.
  • Optimisation. The learning effect is attained through feedback of the effects of the construction process on the design and project phasing.
  • Quality assurance. The measurement data is the basis for the demonstrably implemented construction process for the assessment and quality reports.


Depending on your situation, we can incorporate special requirements:

  • Different types of thermocouples or temperature sensors
  • Calibrated system
  • Data acquisition with backup battery
  • Online measurement data and reports
  • Wireless from the logger
  • Fully digital: no more printing of receipts!